Sealed Lead Acid

Lead–acid batteries are widely used for storage in backup power supplies in high-availability settings like hospitals, and stand-alone power systems. They’re one of the oldest types of batteries, with evidence of use dating back more than 150 years. The relatively small size and weight makes them attractive for UPS applications because they provide high surge currents resulting in a large power-to-weight ratio. In addition, they are less expensive than newer technologies.

The importance of emergency power in a medical setting is clear everyone, which is why hospitals, clinics, EMS, public safety, alternate care, and the military, all rely on Unipower as a source for sealed lead acid batteries for UPS applications. By providing high quality products, Unipower is able to offer the best warranty in the business. We warrant that all equipment manufactured to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of up to sixteen months from date of sale. Go to our Warranty page to see all the details.

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